Line is everything.

We perceive the world through edges. Edges give boundary and shape to our universe. Lines punctuate one object in space from another. The horizon line keeps us in balance.

Lines communicate tones like calmness or frenzy. Lines can be hard. Lines can be soft. Lines can be wispy and firm and energetic and rhythmic.

Number 6 from the Line as Subject series

#560, 47"X35.5" 2010, ACRYLIC ON CANVASS

Everyday we experience a sea of mechanical lines– Maps, letters, signs, text messages, stock scrolls, wires, highways, spreadsheets, skyscrapers, and of course representational art.   Our typical experience with the drawn line is swamped by representational and symbolic uses.

I want to get past line just looking like something or literally saying something.

The emotional quality and the essence of line is what this work is about.

Line As Subject, Recent Work- Artist Statement, John Borys, American Contemporary Artist.