This past weekend Sept 10th, Ilume GALLERIE Dallas opened the fall Art season in Dallas Texas with works from various artists and also raised money for the Friends of Wednesday’s Child. Featured artists were Kat from Dallas and Jay Taylor from Los Angeles. Notable new work and a new direction came from American Contemporary Artist John Borys from Austin the show featured a piece called “Dance.” This work of art is more gestural, physical and emotional than his work in the past. Many people in the show were drawn to the piece prior to the show opening Ron Radwanski was quoted as saying. There were many guests who ventured out and braved the heat given the extreme temperatures that Texas has been experiencing.  Illume GALLERIE has a diverse and interesting mix of artists. Ron Radwanski is the artist in residence and curator. Look for this gallery to continue to bring new and interesting work to the Dallas market and be a great source for contemporary art, sculpture, photography and jewelry. Photo: John Borys,  Dance, 36” X 36” ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 2011.