Soapbox Gallery presents The Retrospective Project – An exhibition with artist Dorothy Krakovsky. At 88 years old, Krakovsky has been working for 50 years with few opportunities to exhibit her paintings. The Retrospective Project encourages people in communities around the world to support artists who have worked a lifetime with little or no opportunities to share their work by offering a retrospective in a traditional or non-traditional art space. This first exhibition is a project model for future exhibitions. This model can flourish accordingly based on the generosity, support and enlightenment of community members willing to encourage and celebrate an individual’s lifelong engagement in their art practice, as Jimmy Greenfield, founder of Soapbox Gallery has generously done.

This exhibition honors the commitment and dedication of an artist whose body of work encompasses a lifetime of creativity with many decades of investigation, passion and vision. The Retrospective Project is a performative art work by Chere Krakovsky.

Statement from the artist:

In my University of Iowa Master’s thesis, 1970, I stated that my objective in painting was to eliminate all representational images from my work. The name of my Master’s thesis was “Metaphysical-scapes” in which elements of landscapes appeared. Through the years landscape and other representational imagery kept surfacing. As time went on my painting became less and less representational. I think I achieved my goal in the large non-objective paintings that are some of my most recent works. I am 88 years old and have realized that the distance between “Metaphysical-scapes” and complete non-objectivity is the leap of faith from the material to the non-material, in fact to the spiritual. Dorothy Krakovsky Photo and review courtesy of NY ART BEAT.