Jean Miotte’s vocation as an artist began in the aftermath of World War II. His vast oeuvre – from his early figurative works and first exploration of color that marked his early abstraction, to the more minimal black & white works and the haunting beauty of the calligraphic strokes on raw canvas – reveals an artist constantly expanding the thresholds of discovery within his chosen practice. True to his articulation that art crosses boundaries and bridges cultures, his work breaks beyond national borders to create a truly international language. The power and transcultural appeal of his work was soon evident in its international reception. Miotte has exhibited throughout Europe, America and Asia and – in fact – was the first Western artist to be invited to exhibit in post-Mao China. Today, Miotte’s work continues to be represented in museums and private collections all over the world. [Image: Jean Miotte “Insurrection”] Photo and review courtesy of  NY ART BEAT.