In the artists’ book vitrine, we will present “Just Painting” by Melissa Meyer, made specifically for BravinLee’s book program. This handmade book that consists of twelve luminous abstract watercolors on 100 percent rag paper, builds on Meyer’s past work. She combines visual structure with fluidity and finds influence in the art of dance, the structure of architecture, the tonal qualities of film noir and the gestural movement of actors.

This show is in collaboration with Lennon Weinberg Gallery, NYC where Meyer will exhibit new paintings and watercolors opening on September 15th. Meyer’s lengthy exhibition history includes solo shows at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York; Holly Solomon Gallery, New York and Galerie Renee Ziegler, Zurich, Switzerland. [Image: Melissa Meyer 12 watercolors on 100% rag paper book without words painted in New York 18 x 40½ in. open] Photo and review courtesy of NY ART BEAT.