John Borys, Popsicle, 24.5” X 44.25,” acrylic on canvass, 2011

The opening party on the 14thwas a great success with over 400 people attending – part of the proceeds went to The Resource Center and Belvedere Vodka was kind enough to pour for the evening. Illume GALLERIE hosted the event and the artists that make up the ModART Show are Marilyn Biles, John Borys, Robert Diago, Frankie Garcia, John Knott, Bonnie Liebowitz, Carmen Menza, Michelle de Metz, Christina Neuser, Gary Perrone, Nan Phillips, Steve Prachyl, Elle Schuster, Jerry Skibell and Ron Radwanski. The flow within the gallery was spectacular, and Ron Radwanski did a great job of combining all of the fifteen very different artists works to somehow complement each other and look great next to one another. The ModART concept is Jeff Levine’s idea, publisher of Mod Media, Inc. Jeff wants to showcase the artistic talent from the various cities that his e-magazine focuses on. Currently Mod Media, Inc. is in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. The different websites focus on all things contemporary for that given city. Real estate, architects, art, calendar of events, furniture, home, interior design, lighting and outdoor are categories that one can search and find the best in contemporary offerings. The ModART show is destined to travel to Houston, and Austin and will donate part of the proceeds to a worthy cause for that particular city. The energy from this recent show, the artistic bonds that have formed between the ModART artists, and the upcoming city dates to Austin and Houston will make this new venue worth keeping an eye out for. The show in Dallas runs from October 7th thru the Jeff Levine’s Contemporary insights for Dallas can be found at: in Houston at: and in Austin at: The works of John Borys can be found at: