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Presenting a group of paintings reflective of the period when Abstract Expressionism was in its formative years. This was a time when American artists faced existential dilemmas in the aftermath of World War II and the escalating Cold War arms race. The works evoke the artists’ belief in action painting as a means of embodying freedom. In this manner, they reacted against totalitarianism, old rules, and the devastations of the atomic bomb and the recent war. Taking risks in their work, artists sought to step into the unknown, giving rise to a new idiom. As the noted critic Harold Rosenberg wrote in Artnews in December 1952: “The big moment came when it was decided to paint . . . Just to paint. The gesture on the canvas was a gesture of liberation, from Value—political, aesthetic, moral.” [Image: John Little “Phobos” (1958) oil on canvas 48 x 36 in.]… Photo and review courtesy of NY ART BEAT


Gallery 151 presents John Platt for his second solo exhibition at its newest location in Chelsea, 132 W. 18th Street. This dynamic painter fuses together a world of abstract meeting realism in his latest series INTERCHANGE, creating a visual drama based on color, theme and gesture. A large part of his work is rooted in photography, fashion, architecture and film. We can look forward to Platt revealing his portraits of friends and family members, painted with an exquisitely sensitive eye, yet interchanged with his ideas on abstraction. Platt gives us a crisp sense of electricity and movement through his use of paint, something in which is both elusive and confrontational, much like the modern world we live in today. The artist uses our world to influence this new body of work.  Photo and review courtesy of NY ART BEAT.

Balancing unbridled spontaneity and careful forethought, the work in our exhibition highlights the dynamic action painting that defined a new era in abstraction. With pieces by Robert Motherwell, Jack Tworkov, Hans Hofmann, Norman Bluhm , Richard Pousette-Dart, Sam Francis, and Mark Tobey, Gesture and Abstraction features paintings that explore unexpected color, vivid brushwork, and complex paint handling. [Image: Norman Bluhn (1921–1999) “Blue Blade (1961) Oil on Linen 70–1/5×60–1/2 in.]   Photo and review courtesy of NY ART BEAT.

Acrylic on Canvass, 47" x 35," 2011

American Contemporary Artist John Borys draws reference to Matisse’s Red Room in one of his recent works that is part of an upcoming show “Line As Subject” that John is currently working on. The piece is 47”x 35” acrylic on canvass and was created in 2011.